Types of Rummy Players You Can Find Online

Since decades, rummy has been played by families in India on festive occasions and get-togethers. It is so loved by all that rummy has become a part of the Indian culture. Thanks to digitalization, many individuals prefer to play rummy online, as they have an easy access to the internet via their phone and PC or laptop. So they can enjoy a game of rummy when they are free or have the weekend to themselves.

When playing rummy, or any game of cards for that matter, one crucial element is to watch the opponent. Study his/her every move, see how they react to different types of cards, and make your move. Many argue that offline rummy is better than online because one may not be able to read and observe the opponent. However, this myth has been debunked by several professional rummy players who claim that though you cannot see your opponent physically, you can still observe their moves and play your cards accordingly.

To help you understand the mindset of your opponents and deal with them better, we have listed down the four different types of online rummy players you can come across:

Light-Hearted Players – The first kind of players to top our list are the light-hearted players. These are the ones that have come to purely enjoy a game of rummy not specifically to win money. They are easy-going, care-free, fun people that do not whine over their losses, but surely post several happy messages about their winnings. Do not consider them as amateur players though, as many of them win lots and even participate in tournaments like professional players. They just prefer to stay calm and positive all the time.

Aggressive Players – These are the exact opposites of light-hearted players. The aggressive rummy players like to attack and confront their opponents. They often display their aggression via angry messages on chat. Such messages should always be ignored as they can affect your concentration and eventually be the reason for you to lose the game. Irrespective of what the spam messages are telling you, just concentrate on your original strategies and work towards winning the game.

Diligent Players – Have you ever come across personalities that hate losing? Well, those are the diligent players. These online rummy players are very conservative in their game play and do not take the loss very lightly. They are obsessed with winning and very often than not these are the ones that win the game. The best way to identify them – diligent players tend to take a very long time to make their move. This strategy many times works in their favor, as the opponents get simply tired and fold their cards to end the game.

Manipulative Players – Everything is fair in game and war, and especially in a tricky game like rummy. Manipulative players are the generally considered the smartest rummy players as they are good at deceiving their opponents. They often do that by sending friendly messages on chat or by intentionally dropping the cards you want. These are the traps cunningly laid down by manipulative players and should be ignored. Cards are dropped as baits to learn about how you react to them and hence predict what cards you have and the friendly messages too might be a means to obtain important information you may unknowingly give out.

And that’s the end of the list folks. Hope this listicle helps you better your game next time to get online and help you try to identify your opponents and categorize them as the above-listed types of players. Also, let us know in the comments section which category do you fall in.